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Systemize Everything

Everything you ever did and always wanted to do, now in a single system, ready to guide you in all parts of your client’s journey. Managing yourself means, managing your clients even better. JT CRM Services provides you with an all-around system that handles all the data, schedule, contacts, and even your emails, in a one-stop CRM system.

Manage all your tasks

Prioritize and Execute

Manage every tasks that needs to be done. In a single view, you can easily evaluate which needs to be done first and prioritize. Set reminders for yourself and never forget important tasks. Be able to act on a timely manner. All in one convenient user friendly place.

Organize Everything

The best part is the system will organize them for you

Be organized up to the very last drop of detail. Easily import and download all the information you need in the system. The search leads, contacts, properties, and all deals and generate reports according to your criteria. Further, specify your listings and create your own customized lists. Be able to change the view, tabular, kanban, or canvas, depending on how you want your data to be displayed.

Email and Calendar Integration

You never have to go out form the system

You can integrate your own calendar and your own email inside the system. You won’t need to open any other tabs or other application just to view and set your schedule or send and receive emails. Set scheduled tasks and reminders for upcoming deadlines. Be able to easily send template emails and extract relevant contact information from received messages.

Computer Robot

Seamless automation

Managing your time efficiently is key to productivity. Manual repetitive tasks is prone to human error, and actually eats up your time in the long run. With seamless automation, you can easily setup rules and workflows to direct triggered events and automatically do tasks. Do it one time, and let the system do it for you for the rest of history.

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Sales Automation

As easy as 1, 2, and 3 . . .

Set automated workflows with specific triggers, rules, and automate tasks and other activities. Customize your own business pipeline and create blueprints as flowchart guidelines for all automation. You can add custom formula fields that let you easily compute and modify data. With sales automation, you can run your business without having to worry about repetitive menial tasks.

Automatically Capture Leads

Expand your reach

You can easily capture leads from your own website and other accounts across different social media platforms. Integrate webforms that automatically capture leads in real-time. This would generate hot leads and be able to reach in as soon as they are reaching out is a vital chunk in converting leads.


Templates is your friend

Create template documents and template emails using the information available inside your system. With a single button, you can send out emails to prospects without the need to manually add them as a recipient. Automatically create documents and easily track them for future reference. Time well saved is time well spent.

Analyzing Graphs

Decision Making Tool

With all the information available in the system, being able to view them in real time in an organized manner, will give you an edge in decision making. You can prioritize tasks and decide which direction your business should go. Knowledge and derived insights are the main factors in decision making and the system easily provides you both.

Customized Reports

A good vantage point is already an advantage

Customize your dashboard and generate monthly, weekly, and daily reports. Be able to see trends and patterns. This lets you identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies before it actually happens. Modify your tabular, kanban, or canvas views according to specific criteria and be able to filter out data according to your needs.

Lead Scoring

Know when to and how to convert specific leads

With lead scoring, you will be able to easily prioritize your efforts and weigh your opportunity costs. See which leads would have the most probability of converting. Likewise, you can prioritize lucrative offers better than the rest, which can be automatically computed as projected earnings from certain deals. You can set rules which to prioritize and let the system do the thinking for you.

Track Client Interactions

We won't forget and we will remember everything for you

As your business grows, your collection of contacts and clients will grow exponentially. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up just by the sheer numbers. The system can track every activity you have done with your clients. This is another way you can strategize your approach. The more tools you have, the more versatile you are in solving problems, in this case, winning deals.

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